Monday, 3 August 2015

Content Marketing Professionals: Share Quality Information to Sell

As a business owner, it’s wise to plan your marketing campaigns for the next year as 2015 eases past its midpoint, and decide the steps you’ll have to take next. There is need, for instance, to step up your game with conventional internet marketing techniques that brand marketing strategists from Lloydminster and elsewhere, employ. Among these, social media marketing and link building. Don’t ignore quality content marketing, being the current topmost marketing priority for quite some time now. A survey conducted by Smart Insights polled its readers on what they thought was the best marketing activity to drive commercial results this year, and the results were almost unanimous. Content marketing won by a huge margin, garnering 29.6 percent of all votes—a huge 15 percent lead over big data, which garnered 14.6 percent, followed by marketing automation at 12.8 percent, and mobile marketing at 11 percent.

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